SOL, Saving Ocean Life, was founded in 2015 by Joey Goldstein, a seventh grader who lives in Hollywood, FL. While attending fourth grade Joey learned about the problems facing our oceans and coastlines. She told her parents she needed to do something to help the marine life and to find a way to stop pollution from getting to our beaches. Joey was determined to spread awareness to her community so she organized her first beach clean-up. Now, SOL hosts educational events and beach clean-ups four times a year. Hundreds of families have attended these events throughout South Florida. Joey’s hope is that children will learn about the environmental issues and will continue to be a conscientious citizen for the rest of their lives.
When Joey is not cleaning the beach she is riding the waves on her paddleboard. She also loves school, swimming, skiing, rockclimbing and playing the drums.

Trash Treasure Hunt • Sunday May 20, 2018 (9a.m.) at the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort
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SOL’s Mission
Imagine our beaches and oceans without dolphins, turtles, fish, and even birds? This could happen if we don’t stop polluting our seas. Researchers have discovered that about 100,000 marine animals die each year from eating or getting caught in plastic. This problem doesn’t just affect our sea creatures, but it also harms our beaches.
Created by kids, SOL’s mission is to prevent pollution on our beaches through organized beach clean-ups and by spreading awareness throughout our community. SOL plans events four times a year and all the events are open to the public. Often times an educational component is included in the event. Students have learned about sea turtles, sharks and Florida’s coral reefs. SOL has hosted a turtle release and a shark tagging excursion. By educating our youth SOL hopes to decrease the amount of trash on our beaches in the future.


Solmates are students who share a passion for the ocean with Joey and want to take on a more essential role in the organization.
Jake and Jonah Morris have been an integral part of SOL from the beginning. These two brothers have partnered with Joey to create educational programming for SOL’s events and they do community outreach on behalf of SOL.
Jake is a sea turtle enthusiast. In addition to SOL, he volunteers for the Sea Turtle Oversight Protection, walking Ft. Lauderdale beach during nesting seasion in the early morning hours. Jake enjoys recreational paddleboarding, and is a member of his high school’s crew team.
Jonah became concerned with the amount of beach debris at an early age. Besides being actively involved in SOL, Jonah volunteers at the Carpenter House, Marine Environmental Education Center in Hollywood, FL. Jonah is an avid baseball fan and is a member of his school’s crew team.

What Can You Do To Help?
Use reusable bags and water bottles instead of disposable plastics.
Say no to straws!
Recycle all plastics to prevent the waste from getting to our oceans
Use oxybenzone-free sunblock to save our reefs
Volunteer to participate in SOL’s beach clean-ups and fundraisers
Start a SOL chapter in your school or become a SOLmate. To get started contact Joey at savingoceanlife@gmail.com

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