NOTICE! The Google ads you see accompanying the video are not related to us, but are there because the songs by Pharrel Williams and Marc Anthony were in the video. At an event like this where radio songs are played, You Tube automatically inserts the ads. never inserts third party ads with our videos. 
The Upper Keys sponsors of are glad to provide this free coverage of Zumba for the Paws event to raise money for Chain of Love Abandoned Dog Everglades. Please visit their Facebook page to learn more, volunteer or to donate to this worthwhile organization. Our sponsors are eager to help organizations that provide a service or benefit to their community. In this case, as with our coverage of 'Tee Off Fore Rescue' in Homestead last year, our Upper Keys sponsors are helping dogs outside of their community because the love of dogs is universal. We are pleased that there are organizations like Chain of Love that put their money where their heart is. Please continue the fundraising effort by making a donation because this organization is just getting started and their need is overwhelming. At, we believe our value as humans is determined by what we do for others and not how much money we can make. Our country has a perverse infatuation with money and a large part of our mission is to educate people to what we should really value in life. Giving should be seen as an opportunity and not an inconvenience.-Ric

The coverage of this event, as with all of our Upper Keys coverage is funded by Upper Keys businesses that simply buy ads on our site. They buy an ad for themselves and we dedicate 70% of THEIR money into helping THEIR community and non-profits. What businesses could say 'No' to that? You would be surprised...Visit our Key Largo and Islamorada sections and see the ones that said 'yes'. If you give them your money, it will allow us to do more ALWAYS FREE for non-profits and the community. A brand new sponsor, Walter, the owner of BeautyWorks Salon in Key Largo just bought with us on Friday and came by the event and expressed regret that I didn't ask him for a donation for the Zumba for the Paws event and said that he always wants to be part of our community effort. That is the kind of businesses owners you will find on CLICK HERE to watch my welcome video to Beautyworks that was filmed just after Zumba for the Paws.-Ric 

Mako's Crusade for Canines!

Our Spokespup, Mako was about to go into a rescue organization when her mommy and daddy were asked to watch her for 2 days. Of course, you know the rest of the story and if you don't, visit Mako's page on SeeMyBeach. She is starting her new Crusade for Canines to raise money for dog charities. Please visit her new social pages below and become part of Mako's Mission! All of Mako's new videos will begin to be posted on her new You Tube Channel, starting with her video last week from the new Puerto Vallarta Restaurant in Islamorada.


Our sponsors and friends chip in a little more...In addition to providing the coverage for this event, the following SeeMyBeach people went a little further. Stephanie Creekmore (Ric's ex-wife) donated the logo design--DePaula's Jeweler's-Donated 3 Jewelry pieces--Wyland donated a signed poster--Guy Harvey donated a signed book--Annette Robertson donated 2 photography prints and 12 art postcards--Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant donated a $50.00 Gift Card--Key Largo Animal Care Clinic donated a Spa Day--Lookout Lodge donated a Mug and Cap--Jewels by Vivi donated a bracelet and sponsor Latitude 25 organized the event.


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