Hey guys, Izabella here.
If you would like to go on an adventure with me that would be so cool! I've been working for KidZone for nearly 5 years now and the one thing I know that is important to them is the protection of kids like me who film videos and are part of the mission of SeeMyBeach. Of course, my connection to SeeMyBeach became much closer and permanent when I founded last year and dedicated my life to cleaning our planet.
In 2016, the owners of gave me an ownership stake in KidZone to reward me for my dedication and also to thank my parents for supporting my endeavor as host. Parents are vital to kids working with SeeMyBeach because we require a parent or guardian to be present during filming and interaction.
Way back in the day, long before I came on board and when Kiran was still the host, Aqua Blue Advertising who owns hired Dr. Thomas Duvall, a child psychologist to give them child protection guidelines for a children's show they were about to produce called 'The Megan and Miranda Show' Since it was online, they wanted to be sure they were aware of the protections for kids on the show (over 1,100 guest kids appeared on the show over 3 years-they also spent $30,000.00 in limo service during the Shows run-I need limos!) as well as the principal Stars, and they were stars, Megan and Miranda. Being safe is important to SeeMyBeach and me.
Here is the thing...most people are good, that really is true. The annoying thing is that we have to be aware of the ones that are not good. I remember when Ric, now my manager, initially interviewed me and my cousins and my sister Lexi, he told us to say our first names only and when one of us accidentally said our last name, he stopped and made us restart the video. I know now that he was protecting us, but we were like 'Who really cares about our last name?' As kids, we sometimes have to realize that there are things we don't completely understand that are done for our protection.
Now I'm 15 and I get it.
Don't overthink it, but there are basic ways we can protect ourselves and and our community are here for you. We want you to watch our video's. maybe be in our video's, but most importantly to understand that by using our head we can be safer and have less worries.
OK, Our rules!
1-A parent or guardian must always be present during filming.
This protects everyone and should always be a rule when working with children.
2-Wear appropriate clothing.
Please do not wear clothing with logos or names of businesses that are not Sponsors of or KidZone. Girls, if we are doing a shoot in a limo, be sure to wear shorts under a short skirt. Editing out accidental underwear shots costs money through extra editing time.
3-Do not say identifying things on camera.
The basics, no last names, do not mention your school or anything that may be used to find you. I use my first and last name because I have to as the Founder of

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