Attention Hollywood business owners! is seeking business owners who care about more than just money. To be part of our web and real world project and our community, you have to care about the environment...the people in your community...a better future for humans and animals.
Sounds like a very different approach to marketing and it is.
NOT ALL Hollywood businesses will quality to be on Look at the sponsors in any of our communities and then research them. We get the very best of the very best. We are 'Virtual Word of Mouth'. If you see a business on, they have gone through a research process and you can depend on their product or services 100%.
Our program is amazing and should be compelling to every local business owner.
You buy an ad
You get your ad
We take 70% of what you paid and do positive things in Hollywood. We are an open book, so you will see what we are doing and where by visiting our Community Support page. 
If you are a business owner and want to learn more about the mission of, call Ric Eddins at 305-240-7600 or email

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