is on the ground in Hollywood and is ready to start doing good thing in the community through the support of our sponsors!  
Hollywood businesses will have the opportunity to buy ads for themselves with the knowledge that 70% of the money is dedicated to doing positive things in THEIR community.
Who Qualifies for free coverage? has provided over $300,000.00 worth of free services to non-profits, schools and organizations doing good things in their community. 
Our free coverage and promotion is available for any organization that is making a positive difference in their community. We will help you by providing the services that we sell to For Profit businesses FREE to you.
How do we do it?
The Aqua Blue Advertising family of web and real world based projects has always had an element of community support, but takes it to a much greater level. Founded after the BP Oil Spill, became a model for a company  to be 'For Profit' and 'For the Community'. Our program of making our profit from national 'Advertisers' and fueling our community support by local 'Sponsors' has made money for us and created an amazing resource for non-profits and schools.
How do I request coverage or free services?
You simply email Brooke Matthews, our community support manager and let her know what you need. Whether it is a logo, promotion of an event, silent auction items or full on coverage of an event let her know and she will send the request to our Hollywood sponsors and if they say yes, you get what you request absolutely free. Keep in mind that Brooke handles requests from all of our comunities, so it may take a day or so for her to respond. Also, the more in advance you can give her, the better.
Is there a catch?
There is always a catch right? The only 'catch' is that we request that you remember who paid for your coverage and everything else we do, our sponsors. Without them, nothing happens. Hollywood is not our native community, so we depend on businesses that love Hollywood and want to help us promote and strengthen the area. Here is what you can do to help us help Hollywood.
How can you help us?
Do business with our sponsors...even if it means changing who you do business with. We believe that if the businesses that care about their community and the environment have more of the money good things will happen. When you see a sponsor on, they bought with 'Heart and Vision' and not 'numbers'. Greedy business owners won't buy that way, so our system has a natural way of weeding out the business owners we don't want in the first place.
Help up promote these businesses.
When you see a local business on, give them your money and encourage others to as well. Promote them on Facebook and Instagram. Let's do the Hollywood version of Robin Hood and give the 'Givers' in the community money while taking it away from the 'Takers'. There is never a good reason for a business to say 'No' to our program. They buy an ad...get their ad...and then 70% of the money supports THEIR community. As they say 'What's not to like'?
Tell us who you want on our program.
Let us know the businesses you feel are owned by people who care about the things we are talking about. The community...the environment...doing business in a responsible manner. Let us know and we'll contact them and try to get them in the program. Call 305-240-7600  or email


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