TeamBOKOR (Plantation Key School sponsored by the Bokor Family)
TeamTVM (Treasure Village Montessori Charter School)
TeamKLS (Key Largo School)
Team Sophia (10 year old Sophia from Islamorada, Florida)

Hi Kids,
I feel a little funny calling you kids, but technically I feel pretty mature. Our generation has had to grow up faster than others because our world is changing in so many ways. Many of those ways are awesome, there was a time when there were no smartphones and people trying to find their way somewhere actually had to look at a paper map. I know, it sounds sort of crazy, but that is true. I could go on and on about things that are cool for our generation and that is always fun...but...there is a new reality that we have to face. I know that sometimes I depress everyone when I get serious, but our future is serious and it is in jeopardy.
I just turned 15 and I have to understand that in my lifetime I will experience water shortages, possibly food shortages and other things I won't share.
It is easy to just be depressed and give up, I mean just being depressed is so much easier than acting. Acting takes effort and caring and doing and being...you get my point. I do care and if you are reading this, you probably care too.
The logical thing is for us as kids to wait for adults to fix things, but in this case, many of them are why we are where we are. In my opinion, this is our battle and we have to band together to solve the problem.
But...what can we do? We're just kids and we have school, after school activities and more things in our lives. Plus, cleaning litter on a large scale is expensive. We have to organize, we need tools, we need promotional help, we have to get groups to the cleanups, we have to provide water, trash bags, gloves, grabbers. There is a lot more to it than I thought at first.
Here is where HelpEndAllLitter.org comes in.
My mission is to enable kids (even adults if they want a chapter) who want to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to saving our planet. Any kid can clean, chapter leaders have to be dedicated on a different level and join with me to make a real difference in our community. Wherever you are, you can have a Chapter of H.E.A.L. and I'll provide you everything you need to accomplish your goals. I get the money to do that through businesses that donate to my organization.
HelpEndAllLitter.org Chapter setup package includes:
• 25 Grabbers
• 1,000 Biodegradable Trash Bags
• 1,000 Gloves
• 50 Safety Vests
• 25 H.E.A.L. T-Shirts
• 2 gallons of hand sanitizer with refillable dispensers
There is more included, but that gives you the idea.
On the cleanup days, we will provide money for water and incidentals. We need a week notice to send a check.
There it is...All of the sudden, we move from kids who 'want' to change the world to kids who 'can' change the world.
Chapters may raise funds locally for their missions, but it is not required. We'll provide what you need.
Every community minded business should want to help with this mission. Every business owner has kids or has family that has kids, it is their future we are working for. Call 305-240-7600 to find out how you can help.

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