Become a HealKID!
A HealKID is not just a kid who hates litter, but one who does something about it. When a regular kid sees trash, they just walk past it. A HealKID picks it up and disposes of it.
Of course, there is so much trash you could not live your life because all you would be doing is picking up trash. So, our mantra is to 'Clean some litter, wherever you are...everyday'. Make it part of your daily life to help clean our planet.
HealKIDZ need to always remember that they are Team Members of an organization with a serious purpose. Our planet needs us and we need to respond properly. When others see you cleaning trash and not walking past it, they will do the same. 
It is good to set a good example and even better to work on educating your friends to clean litter as well. You don't have to be a HealKID to clean litter. Learn steps we can take in our everyday life and spread the word. For example: Do not take straws at restaurants...avoid taking food to go because of the waste...NEVER use plastic bags...things like that.
To become a HealKID, either email me at or have one of your parents call my manager, Ric at 305-240-7600. If there is no chapter in your area, you can still be a HealKID or you may want to start a chapter. If you are a chapter leader, your parents will have to be involved.
Whether you become a HealKID or not, help clean the planet in your own way...

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