The Learning Tree of Arts is an established art studio which has been serving the community for over seventeen years. It is an enrichment facility that offers weekly after-school, and weekend art classes, programs and workshops, which include portfolio preparation. The studio offers small group classes with instructors who are not only talented teachers, but also professional artists themselves.
President/Director:Karen Tenn Yuk
Instructors: Dan Bondroff  and  Brian Reedy
The Learning Tree of Art 13863 S. Dixie Hwy. • Miami, FL • 305-971-4080

Summer Art

Art Explore Camp
Students will have a great time with art. From drawing, painting, and collage, to some fun arts and crafts, they will explore a variety of multi-media art projects, as they build their drawing, painting and artistic skills.
Art for Little Hands
Little artists will learn and enjoy this multi-media art workshop. They will work on a number of fun projects, exploring color, texture and value, as they dabble in a variety of media.
Draw, Paint, Cartoon & Illustrate
This combination class builds drawing skills, develops painting techniques, and explores the different aspects of cartooning and illustration. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with both observational and imaginative drawing.
Explore the fun and exciting possibilities of printmaking through linoleum block carving. This course combines centuries-old techniques with modern-day methods. Make multiple prints of your original creations! Linocut printmaking produces unique effects not found in any other medium. Learn new ways to make amazing artwork through color-reduction linoleum block printing!

The art programs that are offered at The Learning Tree of Arts are based on the Elements & Principles of Art, focused on teaching students the techniques of drawing and painting, using the wide array of art materials available today.
Beginning Art (Ages 4 – 6)
This multi-media art class is for the younger child. Little artists will be introduced to an array of fun projects which include: drawing, painting, collage, and more. They will work with different types of paint, glitter, glue, and many other creative art materials.
Drawing & Painting (Ages 7 & Up)
Learn drawing and painting techniques using a variety of media, which may include: conte, charcoal, pencil, pastels, pen and ink, and more. Experiment with different types of paint, including tempera, acrylic, gouache, and watercolor.
Mixed Media (Ages 7 & up)
Explore drawing, painting, sculpture, mask-making, printmaking, and more. This multi-media program offers students an opportunity to work with a variety of art materials, while developing their artistic skills.

Cartooning & Illustration (Ages 7 & Up)
Explore new worlds, befriend superheroes, battle sea monsters and chase space creatures. Learn how to create and develop cartoons.
Expand your imagination, while building drawing and painting skills.
Drawing & Painting (Teens)
Work on improving drawing skills, and develop painting techniques using watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oil. Learn to work with different media, which may include: pencil, pen, pastels, conte, charcoal, and more …
Draw, Paint, Sculpt (Ages 7 & Up)
Students will learn to draw, paint, and explore sculpture while experimenting with a variety of different materials, such as: paper, paper mache, wood, wire and clay to create three-dimensional sculptures.

Portfolio Preparation  (Ages 10 & Up)
The Learning Tree of Arts also specializes in Portfolio Preparation classes and workshops for  students who are interested in applying and auditioning for Miami-Dade County Public Schools-Visual Art Magnet Programs. Over the years, The Learning Tree has helped a vast number of students get into magnet schools such as: Southwood Middle, South Miami Middle, New World School of the Arts, Design & Architecture Senior High (DASH), and Coral Reef Senior High.
This mixed media class is for the more advanced student, and those who will apply and audition for MDCPS-Art Magnet programs, alternative schools, colleges and universities. Students will prepare a portfolio of their best pieces of artwork, which will represent a broad spectrum of media that they have had the opportunity to work with.


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