Math Monkey is a supplemental math program for elementary and middle school students. The Math Monkey program teaches children the art of speed mental math — a skill that will benefit your children for a lifetime. Through our program your child will develop skills that take the fear out of math and allow for a new way to approach problems that complements math taught in school. Learning exciting new ways to look at math, both students looking for new challenges in math and students struggling in the subject benefit from the Math Monkey program.
We utilize a unique game based program that challenges and engages students in a group setting while teaching new ways to solve everyday math problems. The Math Monkey students learn to recognize patterns, apply Math Monkey techniques, and mentally solve arithmetic problems with speed and accuracy. This progression continues to develop a strong number sense in the student, teaches a propensity for critical thinking, and assists each student in attaining a soaring confidence in math. They become masters at math and the results are seen in a renewed excitement and love for the subject, better grades and higher standardized test scores.

      Math Monkey • 12659 S Dixie Hwy. • Pinecrest, FL. 305-971-6284

FEATURED MATH MONKEY VIDEO! Spokespup, Mako heard all about the fun Izabella had at Math Monkey and wanted to drop by and see what all the fuss was about. She brought her sunglasses so she could take photos with the kids. Her daddy, Ric did some interviews and it was all around good fun. Mako and Izabella will be making appearances all around Miami in the future. See Mako's You Tube videos by entering 'mako eddins' in the You Tube search field.

“My fourth grade son loves Math Monkey. He says it makes math fun and easy. He enjoys having a ‘different way to solve the math problems than his class does in school’. As for the class, he says that ‘it’s not like doing math in school, it’s math games that are fun’!”
“Thank you so much Elena… Math monkey has been wonderful for both Austin and Maddy for so many years! I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else! You all are awesome!”
“We picked Math Monkey for enrichment because the focus is on understanding mathematical concepts and the relationships between numbers; not the rote completion of worksheets. Best of all, my daughters now say math is their favorite subject!

“Our daughter is now going into seventh grade. She had the option of choosing regular math or honors math this coming year and she chose honors. We strongly believe that her experience at Math Monkey gave her the confidence to make that choice!We also have a third grade son in the Math Monkey program and he is signed up for the fall because of the positive experience that his sister had in her previous sessions.”


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