Hey Guys!, I'm, Izabella Hernandez, your host for Miami Kid Zone and I'm excited to start exploring the Miami area with you. When I say 'with you', it is true because I always like to include as many people as possible in my videos. (I'm 14 years old now and have been making videos for SeeMyBeach.com since I was 11, so I've made a lot!) You can see kid related videos from other SeeMyBeach.com communities by visiting our main KidZone area. I will be taking you into the businesses that make Miami Kid Zone and all the free stuff we do for the community possible. I'm really excited about the What? Game because it is going to be fun and hilarious. I just got the whole layout of the game and it is going to be super fun and like all of our stuff, it will also be educational. It will be one of the most fun ways to learn that you have ever seen! That's all I can tell you because I had to promise to keep it secret until we film the first episode.

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