NEW! H.E.A.L. will be reviewing products that are Green and I think are good for the environment.
First review: Rainbow Cleaning Systems-Rainbow Cleaning Systems are not only top of the line, they are great for the environment and also great for our bodies. They are therapeutic for kids with asthma and other breathing conditions. They clean with water and don't use bags. The review is this Wednesday at my house in Miami Lakes. A supporter of HelpEndAllLitter, Johnny Hinojosa, who always donates to every fundraiser is coming to my house and will show how the machine works. His number is 786-380-3889 if anyone needs a Rainbow or has any questions.
The review was filmed and the review video is coming soon!
Second review: Biodegradable Trash Bags from Green Paper Products.
Review filmed and in production.
The awesome people at have made several donations of bags for cleanups. The bags are amazing and although they cost a bit more than regular bags, what is more important? Saving a little money or saving our planet? We really have to start thinking that way. The bags are a lot stronger than people might think, you can imagine what we put into them...No, don't imagine that, it's pretty gross! Anyway, visit and order some! Izabella approved! 

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