Mako had a great time at Made 2 Order Restaurant in Tavernier. She and her daddy dropped by on Saturday January 10th to try the restaurant for the first time and both were pleasantly surprised. Mako made a video and got to work with the owner's daughter, Abby. Co-owner Viola joined us for lunch as well as a surprise visit from Angel from SeeTavernier Sponsor, Old Conch Harbor who enjoyed the Ahi Tuna Club. We all washed our food down with Key West Ale that we purchased from The Trading Post, who is a Sponsor of There are a lot of 'good' restaurants, but Made 2 Order is a 'great' one with great employees and owners. Don't miss this restaurant on any trip to the Florida Keys.

We all enjoyed Key West Ale purchased at sponsor, The Trading Post (Our official beer for the Florida Upper Keys and the only Upper Keys Beer Company that helps fund our community support mission) Pictured is Made2Order co-owner Viola featuring a Mako themed hugger (Available for purchase at to Dog Charities) and sponsor Angel from Old Conch Harbor Caribbean Gift Shop. 

Below you'll see the food we enjoyed at Made 2 Order. Ric's veggie wrap, Angel's Tuna Club, Viola's Shrimp and Mako's Mahi Mahi and Bacon.

Mako and Abby became immediate friends. Abby fed Mako and then they played with Mako's cherished playbed (An originally $19.99 bed that has become a toy and has been repaired over and over because she loves it)

After lunch Abby and Mako took some 'model' photos including some where they pretended to ride a scooter that Vanil brought over from Old Conch Harbor. After that, we took photos with other people on the scooter. 


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