If you like and appreciate what we are able to do through the support of local Homestead businesses, then the best way to support us is to do business with the businesses that support our mission. They buy with 'Heart and Vision' and not numbers. We ask them to write one time...simply to be part of something special that will help them and also their community. Not every business will do this and our program will let you know who does.
Our company has provided thousands of hours of free time creating content and providing media rich content for cities, fundraisers and non-profit organizations. We have never accepted one penny from a non-profit and only contribute to allow them to further their missions. Our Sponsors provide 100% of the money that pays our people to go on-location to provide free promotion for events, to film videos, take photos, process hours and hours of footage and edit photos and then to upload all of the completed material to the web. Telling them 'Thank You' and doing business with them will validate their gesture and will also enable us to get more Sponsors and to do more positive things in your community.
We will be populating this section with the FREE services we have provided to non-profits as well as the community support things we do that until now, we have really never mentioned. We feel that at this point in our business life, we need to start showing people what positive things we are doing in their community.
Our support of Homestead actually began before we even had a site for Homestead. We were contacted by Lissa Terese of Gateway Animal Rescue who heard of our program and asked if we could provide a photographer for their upcoming 'Tee Off Fore Rescue' event to take team photos. We sent Ric over to meet with Lissa and during their meeting, he determined that they needed more than just the photographer. Homestead has a horrible problem with people abandoning dogs (and a sickening amount of animal abuse) and we decided to do our part to help their event. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR COVERAGE OF THIS EVENT AND THE CONTRIBUTIONS WE COLLECTED FROM OUR FLORIDA KEYS SPONSORS.

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