Hey Guys, I will be attending two litter cleanups this weekend in Hollywood, Florida!
Saturday May 19, 2018
I will be joining the Hollywood Lions Club for their Adopt-A-Highway celebration. Very excited to work with Rich and Dale!
Sunday May 20, 2018
I will be attending the Trash Treasure Hunt with SOL Saving Ocean Life on Hollywood Beach. Joey, the Founder, told Ric that she is going to make me an official 'SOLmate' and that makes me super happy! Visit their website and learn more about this amazing organization! SavingOceanLife.org
I just learned that I have two amazing surprises for Sunday!
Sophie Caputo-Inspiration for the Sophie Caputo Award 'The Change Begins With Us' will be joining me at the Saving Ocean Life cleanup. (Incidentally, Joey Goldstein, Founder of Saving Ocean Life will be presented with her award soon!) and Sophie's mom, Pam Caputo, TeamKLS (Key Largo School) Team Leader of the very first HelpEndAllLitter Chapter and the one who often keeps me going when I've felt that what I'm doing is a waste of time and not making enough of a difference will be there as well. This is very exciting news!


Izabella covered the 2018 Greenfest and Trashion Show in Hallandale Beach!

Izabella attended the 2018 Greenfest and Trashion Show in Hallandale Beach. The event was a combination of fun and education about how to be better stewards of our planet. There was a workshop where people learned about ways to help and they all got a tree to plant in their yard. It was a lot of fun and Hallandale Beach is a great example of a city showing they care about the quality of their residents future.

I'm Izabella Hernandez and I'm 15 years old. Everything kind of began just before July of 2011. My cousins and I were spending a few days in Key Largo when we were interviewed by SeeMyBeach.com. After the interview, I told Ric, who was filming that I would love to do travel videos for their company. He told me who to contact and I did. The people from SeeMyBeach.com met with my parents and to make a long story short, I made my first video on July 27, 2011. Since then, we have made many videos from the Keys to Hollywood, Florida. Last year, we were making a video in Indian Key Fill when I had to keep moving because there was litter in the shot. A few days later, I called Ric and told him that I had been researching litter and the problem was much bigger than I thought. I told him that I wanted to make cleaning the planet my mission in life. What started as just me wanting to make my own difference for the planet, turned into the goal of inspiring kids everywhere to start their own chapter and begin cleaning litter in their own community. Then HelpEndAllLitter.org was born with a mission to clean the planet. Scroll down and learn more about my mission and how you can get involved. ~Izabella Hernandez

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